Knowing Who Your Customers Are

Knowing Who Your Customers Are

Knowing your customer is important because it fuels your business and it’s success on many levels. These are the people who buy and make repeat purchases of your product or service and are also the people who are recommending it to other potential future customers. 

These customers are your ambassadors, providing free word of mouth reviews for other people to see what your business has to offer. Be it through online comments left on Google or social media trends such as personal posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, these all are platforms to showcase your product or service. Imagine where a little hashtag can take your business to. 

Here's a video about Knowing who your customer is. If you don't want to watch the video, a transcript is available at the bottom. Promise you'll leave a Like on the video and do subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content like this!

00:03 I'm Hanniz from Best

00:05 Events Productions

00:06 So today I'm going to speak about a

00:08 little bit about your customer how 

00:10 how you choose your target audience.

00:15 When I was starting out I was very

00:17 confused when i joined this group of

00:19 business owners

00:20 and they were asking me so who's my

00:22 target audience I said everyone.

00:24 Everyone who liked my product

00:25 I was selling parties and events and

00:28 parties. Both corporate and

00:30 social and they will say "okay

00:32 you need to fine tune that because not

00:35 everybody is a customer"

00:36 and now years and years of

00:40 experience has taught me that that is

00:42 indeed true.

00:43 For one for example you might be

00:45 producing furniture.

00:47 All right everybody needs

00:50 chairs.

00:51 Everybody needs tables, kitchen

00:53 accessories, kitchenware

00:55 kitchen hardware, living room accessories

00:58 living room hall

01:01 carpets television holders.

01:05 Now you can prop your TV on the wall but

01:08 coming to that, everybody needs TVs

01:10 perhaps

01:12 and other necessary items could be

01:16 plants for your garden so these are

01:20 these products appeal to everyone but

01:23 the problem is

01:24 it's not 

01:27 really a problem per se but

01:29 just to say that not every type of

01:31 furniture will appeal to

01:33 everybody for example IKEA

01:37 IKEA will be those for those who 

01:40 don't mind

01:41 spending a moderate amount of money

01:45 to assemble the furniture at their own

01:48 homes

01:49 versus those who are willing to

01:53 spend more

01:54 for ready-made furniture yet this

01:56 doesn't count delivery charges yeah so

01:58 it's just basically

01:59 about the convenience whether 

02:03 you're willing to pay more for

02:04 convenience or not

02:05 Same thing with kitchenware. Some people

02:09 who spend more time in the kitchen

02:11 will want to have better 

02:14 accessories that will last a longer time

02:16 which they will actually use

02:18 versus those which are used to just

02:21 entertain guests

02:22 who would like to have the kitchen look

02:24 really good but

02:25 might not actually be using most of the

02:28 most of the stuff that are there.

02:29 So again two different types of target

02:31 audience right?

02:32 Same thing goes for

02:35 television sets whether you want super

02:38 HD

02:39 super clear pictures or you're okay with

02:41 just watching

02:42 something on your TV so you know what's

02:44 happening in the world.

02:45 Another example could be food types

02:49 not everybody will be going to

02:51 steakhouses.

02:52 Not everybody will be going to street

02:54 store so what is your

02:56 type of audience that you

02:57 want to target. This is important because

03:00 you want to

03:01 customize the message for your specific

03:04 audience.

03:05 What if your product is like what I

03:07 mentioned earlier, the products that

03:09 are universal things that people need

03:12 all the time not specifically

03:14 a unique product that is

03:18 so sought for because of its uniqueness.

03:20 Okay let's just say

03:21 furniture. That's a simple example

03:25 so what you can do if you have if you

03:28 own a furniture shop and you have

03:32 different lines

03:33 of furniture so there you have the the

03:35 low end range, you have the middle

03:37 end range and then you have the

03:39 high end range.

03:41 So when you are crafting your message

03:45 on your website to have a specific

03:48 sale for certain ranges you

03:51 will need to

03:52 identify a few a few factors for example

03:56 what's their income, are they male, are

03:59 they female, because

04:00 you know there will be feminine and

04:02 masculine

04:03 features to the product that appeal to different genders. What's their

04:07 occupation,

04:08 how long do they spend at home versus

04:11 now

04:11 now that people are working from home

04:13 what kind of

04:15 furniture can be used for work as well.

04:17 What's the communication style. Are they

04:19 very straightforward, are they

04:20 going to spend time um you know

04:23 having a laugh over your messages.

04:24 Sometimes people need that kind of thing

04:26 to

04:26 differentiate your brand from other

04:28 furniture stores so when you have your

04:30 own sense of style and sense of

04:32 communication and people like to listen

04:34 to what you have to say whether it's on

04:35 social media

04:37 or on your website or in your ads you

04:39 will be set apart and you'll be

04:41 remembered.

04:42 What's their lifestyle um are they are

04:44 they super duper busy people and they

04:46 just want things that are practical

04:48 or do they want things that are super

04:49 aesthetic because they have guests

04:51 coming

04:51 over all the time. What's their age range?

04:55 This will be good to factor in

04:57 especially

04:58 if you have a range of family members

05:00 living in one house so from toddlers to

05:02 school goers to workers to

05:05 the elderly uh to the seniors who

05:08 might be

05:09 you know more fragile who might not be

05:11 able to walk so much so furniture needs

05:13 to be

05:13 uh suited for this kind of age range.

05:16 Where do they live?

05:17 In town, in the city or in the

05:18 village or in the not

05:20 suburban areas. Are they current

05:23 clients already

05:24 or are they prospects because different

05:27 messages will need to go to different

05:28 people.

05:28 Like I said before so if they are

05:30 current clients they already know

05:32 how you are what you're trying to sell

05:34 your quality of service

05:35 so there's less convincing involved

05:38 but more about engagement listening to

05:40 what they have to say

05:41 why do they want to buy your product, why

05:42 not, why they're not buying others

05:44 so get their testimonials that that will

05:47 actually help with boosting your sales

05:48 and keeping them

05:49 in your database is super important

05:52 because it's easier

05:53 to keep your your clients rather than

05:56 get new clients.

05:58 What about prospects? Prospects

06:00 messaging will be different because you

06:01 need to convince them that

06:03 you know you're different.

06:06 Do they want specific very detailed

06:09 information or would they just

06:10 want to know that it works and that's it.

06:13 Are they professional business people? So

06:15 these are some of the questions that you

06:17 can actually ask

06:18 yourself. Other things to

06:21 to do once you know who your target

06:23 audience is you will need to

06:25 create different marketing

06:26 campaigns to

06:28 target the different audiences in mind.

06:31 So

06:31 your personality style will be

06:34 different for each group of people

06:36 and then you will need to customize your

06:39 design

06:40 so formatting your website to speak to

06:42 that specific buyer persona

06:45 the fonts that i mentioned earlier in

06:47 the previous episode, the fonts that you

06:48 use,

06:49 the colors that you use how you arrange

06:52 the products, how are they laid out

06:54 and how easy is it for people because

06:57 for example if you run a furniture store

07:03 people are going online now to buy

07:05 furniture as well versus before

07:07 before, when  they had to go to your

07:09 showrooms, they wanted to sit and test

07:11 and they wanted to see examples of

07:13 how the room layouts are

07:14 like IKEA you know, they set up the whole

07:16 living room for you, different types of

07:18 living rooms, different types of kitchens

07:20 different types of bedrooms so now you

07:22 need your website

07:23 to do so much more than just list

07:26 the products that are available. You want

07:28 them to feel

07:29 that this product belongs in their

07:33 own homes um and so

07:36 how you arrange the the accessibility of

07:40 these products is important

07:42 and that's something that I just

07:44 wanted to share this week. So two

07:46 key takeaways would be evaluating your

07:48 target market- don't assume that everyone

07:51 is

07:51 in your target market and remember to

07:54 format your messaging.

07:55 The things that people see about

07:57 your brand, your website, your social

07:59 media 

08:00 materials, your marketing offline

08:02 materials in case

08:03 yeah some people still prefer to have

08:06 hard copies of flyers

08:07 or name cards and things. Name cards

08:09 don't have to be boring.

08:11 They can be interesting by putting in

08:13 interesting captions, putting interesting

08:16 visuals wordings and how the whole

08:18 design of the card

08:19 speaks about your persona and why they

08:22 would

08:23 associate themselves to you. 

08:25 And I think I've spoken enough this week.

08:29 I hope

08:30 it has helped you um to further your

08:33 your journey in this

08:34 going offline to online business and if

08:37 there are any questions 

08:39 do reach out to us we want to know more

08:41 about what you're doing

08:42 and good luck have a great week!

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