Social commerce- More than increasing brand awareness

Social commerce- More than increasing brand awareness

Retailers are no longer just using these social media platforms to increase brand awareness and staying in touch with their customers. These channels are now used for promoting and selling products and services and for adding value to the shopping experience. That is how social commerce is booming already providing many advantages for companies and customers alike.  

While Facebook used to be for the younger generation, it is now used by the older generation. Millennials are more likely to use Instagram, and TikTok seems to be the preferred choice of the youngsters of today.


In today's world, the customer experience counts the most – and it should drive all efforts in order to increase sales since social commerce provides a unique opportunity to do so.

With social commerce, retailers can actually be reached around the clock, in almost any location without having to pay for physical booths in malls or at events or advertising on radio or TV. 

Companies can reach a larger target group and acquire new customers, thus increasing sales via well-thought marketing campaigns. Companies have the opportunity to enrich and personalise the shopping experience, which on the long-term has a positive effect on the customer-merchant relationship, increasing sales.


"With artificial intelligence, retailers can address the customer individually and always in a targeted manner, in conjunction with scientific findings from behavioural research. Customer messaging is precise based on these findings." Hanniz Lam of Antas Solutions says. "That is why we value our relationship with Dattel Asia and we are encouraging clients to sign up for the digitalisation grant to take advantage of the AI asset combined with the Facebook Live Selling asset that we provide."

After this long period of COVID-19, not only the big trading companies and platforms increased their sales – the producing industry started to sell directly to consumers too. What was only experimental before is now more and more usual, and it will change our shopping behaviour sustainably. Social commerce will push us rapidly away from old producing and selling processes. So, it will be interesting to see which players will thrive in this new context.

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