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Why You Should Start Selling your Products on Facebook

This is the first big benefit in selling live: you can take advantage of a platform with a huge audience. Facebook’s live video is an excellent choice due to its wide reach. The built-in support for payments makes it even more convenient for both you and your customers.

Live shopping, in particular, is very popular because of the benefits it offers both the sellers and the customers.

For the seller, live video sales are great because they let you offer video content and connect to users in ways that normal online shops don’t.

With our Facebook Live Selling Solutions, you can now capture orders and send your customers their invoices automatically via FB Messenger during the Live Chat!

When you're selling online you get to know the different types of customers that buy from you. Some who buy at smaller values but more frequently, some who buy more but less frequently. Some who just like to stalk you (but that's a different story).

With Dattel Voyager Consumer Intelligence, you are able to target your marketing message to the right customers for your products & understand Brand Health of your / competitors.

Antas Solutions and Dattel Asia are teaming up to offer you a special deal. When you sign up for the Antas Solutions x Dattel Asia Digitalisation Grant, you will be able to:

1) use our FB Live Selling platform for 12 months

2) Receive your brand's PERSONA ANALYTICS
- Identity x Behavior
- Product x Behavior
- Identity x Products

- Market sizing
- Customer Persona
- Marketing
- Messaging

• Multi Dimensional workspace
• 10 Verticals

1 year access of the platform that allows you to do segmentation and push to FB Ads

Get your special deal today!*

*Terms and conditions apply

Application Criteria

• Available to SME and Cooperative (“Koperasi”) registered under the relevant laws of Malaysia; 

• The SME is at least 60% owned by Malaysian; 

• The SME/Coop has been in operation for at least six (6) months; and 

• The SME/Coop has minimum average annual sales turnover of RM50,000.

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